Love and Dragons (Book 2)

Book Cover: Love and Dragons (Book 2)
Part of the Dragonback Mountain series:

Dragon shifter, Etta Björgvinsdóttir, has set herself up as the salvation of her dying race. A goal that could only be accomplished through years of intense work, leaving no time for play or personal relationships. But in the deepest part of her heart, she yearns for love, not just with anyone, but with a certain someone, someone so unacceptable she dares not speak those desires aloud.

Wolf shifter, Jake Latimer, has been attracted to Etta since she first moved into the building where he’s head of security, but that attraction would go nowhere fast. Etta was one of the rare dragon shifters and they did not mate outside of their species – ever – or so he thought. An unexpected visit in the form of a human woman mated to a dragon turns all of those beliefs upside down and gives Jake the hope he’d never dared entertain…

Could a wolf give a dragon a happily ever after? Or was a love between them doomed from the start?

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