Exclusive Excerpt from Soul Deep: A Malsum Pass Novel – Coming Summer 2018

He wasn’t sure what in that handful of sentences had relieved her mind, but Christian could actually see the tension melting out of her body; her shoulders loosened, the hard line of her jaw eased, and the glint of anxiety behind her eyes mellowed to warm relief. And while he appreciated being the cause of her obvious satisfaction – even if it wasn’t in the form he would most enjoy – he didn’t want her to leave and he knew that that was exactly what she was about to do. She’d gotten whatever answer she’d been looking for and was now going to hightail it out of there. That thought had him scrambling for a topic of conversation that might intrigue her enough to stick around. Unfortunately, the usual topics he would utilize on a female he was attracted to wouldn’t work on this particular female so he was left with the lamest bit of conversation ever – “Nice weather today, huh?” Just pathetic. He was pathetic. He needed to turn in his man card and hang his head in shame.
Lily made a point of looking out the window at the overcast drizzle outside but then shocked the hell out of him when she cocked her head and a slow smile stretched her lips until he actually saw the lovely row of pearly whites beneath. “Oh, yes, lovely.” She said with a nod and a grin. Christian couldn’t help but stare. That was the first honest smile he’d seen from her. This wasn’t her overly pleasant ‘I’m at work so I’m forced to be nice to you’ smile. This was real. The smile actually ignited a spark of yellow in those green eyes and added a bit of color to her cheeks. Stunning wasn’t a good enough adjective to describe Lily Oremun when she was happy – there were no words. Merriam Webster would be at a loss when it came to describing this female.
As if his heart wasn’t already suffering palpitations, the female then goes and drops a bomb on him that had his jaw unhinging and his chin practically hitting the floor. “Would you like to spar sometime?”
What? Miss Male Hating She Cat was handing him an opportunity to spend time together? Holy shit! Yes, please, where did he sign up? While his brain and inner manly-male was begging him to play it cool, his tongue was taking no chances of missing out on this possible once in a lifetime chance to wrestle around with this female. As such, his voice may have come out a bit loud in his enthusiasm as he jumped on the opportunity with a vigorous “Hell, yeah!” Oh, wow… smoooooth.
He could feel Lily’s green eyes as she moved over his form sizing him up as an opponent. He stood a little straighter under her regard and couldn’t resist tightening his muscles to display them to their best advantage. She nodded, pleased with whatever she saw in his stance and then threw over her shoulder as she opened the door. “Tomorrow morning. Nine sharp. Don’t be late.” With that, she stepped out and shut his door behind her with an assertive clap.
Late? Hell, he’d probably be there early quivering in excitement like an over-eager Chihuahua.