Black Bay Defender (Book 2)

A Different Breed of Soldier

Book Cover: Black Bay Defender (Book 2)
Part of the Beasts of Black Bay series:

Former Navy SEAL Commander, Grady Carter was never given a choice. Forced into a top-secret government program, he became a bio-robotic super soldier against his will. Now, he’s escaped the clutches of the program’s sinister control, finding refuge with the enigmatic Beasts of Black Bay. But his relentless enemies are closing in, and Grady must strike first to survive.

Lark, genetically engineered and raised in a secret lab, shares Grady’s thirst for justice. The illegal experiments that shaped their lives must be exposed and dismantled. Yet, to unmask the traitor who sold Grady out, he needs to recover the memories still buried beneath layers of programming. Lark may be his only hope to unlock the secrets he thought were lost forever.

As attraction ignites between Lark and Grady, time is running out. Their adversaries are closing in, and to protect their secrets, they’ll obliterate Black Bay, the only true home Lark has ever known.

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