Black Bay Protector (Book 1)

A Different Breed of Soldier

Black Bay Protector
Part of the Beasts of Black Bay series:

Jace Davies is a new species of soldier. Genetically engineered to be faster, stronger, and harder to kill than his human counterparts, he is a predator, and he’s hunting the ones who created him. He didn’t mean to embroil the woman in his plot for revenge, but he can’t help being impressed by her courage. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe because the enemy now has her in their crosshairs…

When Jace crashes into Paige Carter’s life, her disbelief in what this man was capable of is quickly eclipsed by the urgency of the situation. She’s suddenly become a target in a world of secret labs, illegal human experimentation, and dangerous foes who will go to any length to keep their secrets. On the run, Paige must put her faith in this stranger if she hopes to stay alive…

As a bond begins to grow between Jace and Paige, the clock is ticking down. Will they reach the sanctuary of Black Bay before the enemy finds them?

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