Brunch with An Angel (Book 4)

Return to Greenlawn Hall for the explosive fourth book in the Misfits & Rogues Series!

His biggest mistake…
Two centuries ago, Angel Daniel Grigori, laid eyes on a mortal woman that would change his life forever. That chance encounter was all it took for him to lose his heart to the clairvoyant, but angels did not mix with humans. Instead, he vowed to watch over her from afar, to protect her, to keep her safe. He failed.
His greatest regret…
Having interfered with the natural order, Daniel had accepted his punishment as his due, but when he returned to the earthly realm to discover what had become of his precious Emmaline, he learned that playing with fate had consequences to more than just himself.
Insurmountable odds…
Emmaline Waters had been born with the gift of second sight, a gift that continued to grow as she aged. Thanks to her immortality, those gifts have now become a painful curse. No longer able to bear touch, she is isolated and desperate for release. An angel was the cause and only an angel would be the cure. Two centuries of searching and she’d finally found him. Too bad the one thing she wanted was the one thing he could never give.
As the residents of Greenlawn Hall prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the Born, can they find a way to help one of their own without making the ultimate sacrifice?

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