Chocolates from A Vampire (Book 3)

A collision of fire and ice

In the world of the supernatural, there were none more powerful than the Born, pure-blooded vampires, beautiful, wealthy, powerful, and cruel. They were at the top of the food chain for a reason and were governed by only one rule: never turn a witch. But when Greenlawn's resident magic wielder and pyrokinetic is mortally wounded in a skirmish with vampire hunters, Thane Stroud cannot stand back and let her die. The woman had fascinated him since the moment he'd first laid eyes on her and he'd be damned if she'd slip away from him in death before he figured out why.

Margot Elrich had felt like a freak her entire life. After all, shooting flames from the palms of your hands isn't exactly normal. She'd finally found some peace alongside the supernatural misfits and rogues at Greenlawn Hall and now she had to figure out how to be a vampire too. Bright side? What better way to learn than letting the mouth-wateringly sexy, Thane Stroud tutor her.

As passion erupts between student and teacher, will her fiery touch melt the ice around the cold vampire’s heart or will her burgeoning powers burn them both to ash?

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