A Hunter Born (Book 1)

The supernatural world is on the precipice of war. It’s time to choose a side.

On these streets, she’s the apex predator…

Morgan Rhys is a vampire who hunts vampires. A hired hunter. When she and her team are charged with hunting down a rogue that’s killing innocent witches, Morgan knows they’ll have to stay focused. This vampire is powerful, blood-thirsty, and his actions have put them on the verge of war. Too bad the handsome, human cop also on the case is messing with her senses.

With a single loss of control, he could destroy them all…

To the world, Travis St. John is a human cop, and that’s exactly what he needs them to think – for now. He knows that the vampire leader in this area is behind the disappearance of his sister, he just hasn’t been able to get close enough to do anything about it. Morgan Rhys may be the key to getting inside, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Hunter attracts him like no other. Too bad their kinds are mortal enemies.

In a dangerous game of predator versus predator, a common enemy emerges that threatens their very existence. Will they be able to stop him in time?

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