A Hunter Turned (Book 2)

They may have won the battle, but this is war.

An uncertain future…

Jamie Wilson is a Hunter. A vampire who hunts vampires, and though she may have been injured in the last conflict, she’s far from out. When a faction of rogues threatens the tenuous peace, she’s ready to rejoin the fight. Unfortunately, she’ll need the help of Archer Langley, an alpha wolf shifter who has made his dislike of her and her kind plain. Can she convince the recalcitrant male to join their side before it’s too late?

A haunting past…

Archer Langley hates vampires. Nearly every instance of suffering in his life could be laid at those creatures’ feet. He’d hunt them down and destroy them all if his absence wouldn’t leave his pack vulnerable. He certainly has no interest in helping them. But when bodies are discovered in his territory, a clear and deadly message, he can no longer remain neutral in this war. Teaming up with the attractive vampire that’s been haunting his dreams, however, stirs things inside him better left buried, and risking his heart might prove to be the biggest threat of all.

As the war between supernaturals escalates, the lines between allies and enemies are blurred. They’ll have to trust each other if they hope to survive.

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