A Hunter Cursed (Book 4)

The peace has been solidified, the supernaturals of Louisiana are united, but beneath the streets of New Orleans, a new darkness is rising…

This Cursed Life

Keegan Bishop is a cursed witch, seemingly destined to lose all those that she loves. Pushing people away has become second nature to her, but when she meets wolf shifter, Jeremiah Durand, a man her visions had foretold she’d meet, she can’t seem to resist tempting fate. He’s charming and witty and as they join together to fight the rising malevolence she’d seen in her dreams, what begins as a wary friendship grows into something she fears might very well cost him his life.

His Fated Mate

Jeremiah Durand doesn’t believe in curses. What he does believe in, is the knowledge that he’ll know his mate when he finds her, and Keegan Bishop speaks to his wolf like no other. Despite the mutual attraction he senses, his witch is determined to keep her distance, set on protecting him from her supposed curse. It’s up to him to prove to her he’s stronger than any spell, but will he be strong enough to face the evil that’s coming?

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