Angels, Assassins, and War (Book 4)

Former assassin to the gods, Thea Timoria has been in hiding for centuries thanks to the price on her head. Throughout, she’s watched over her warrior angel, loving him from afar. Now, Camael is in the mortal realm, a place where Thea can walk freely, and simply watching is no longer enough. Revealing herself to him, though, is risky. Will her noble warrior abide by the dictates of the gods and turn her in? Or will he accept her, even knowing she holds a monster inside?

A power-hungry witch has damaged the fabric between the realms, leaving the veil dangerously thin. It’s Cam’s job to keep an eye on it lest hell be unleashed on earth, but that’s not his only job. He’s also taken on the role of hand-to-hand combat instructor at the Hunter Training Academy. With the recent batch of recruits graduating, he finally has time to look into the mystery of the entity he’s felt watching him – angel, demon, or god? The last thing he expected was a sexy, yet oddly familiar assassin, who awakens things in Cam that leave him questioning everything.

Duty or desire? Which will he choose? Or can he find a way to have it all?

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