Charms, Guile, and Infiltration (Book 3)

A troubled past…
For feline shifter, Sierra McCall, the Hunter Training program was both a second chance and a safe haven for her and her brother. Desperate to graduate from the program, Sierra needs to stay focused as they enter the final round, because, unlike the gorgeous and gifted, Drew Bennett, her future with the Hunters wasn’t even close to being set.

A brilliant future…
Andrew Bennett had been assured a spot with the Hunters from the moment they first learned of his magical gift. His future was guaranteed, as long as he stayed away from Sierra McCall, who somehow, inexplicably silenced that chaos of power within him. The only problem was, that he had no desire to keep his distance from the sexy shifter, and the peace she unknowingly offered him.

A dangerous threat on the horizon…
When past enemies reemerge and are led straight to the training center’s doorstep, the students will discover they have one last lesson to learn – how to keep from becoming prey.

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