Mayhem, Magic, and Tactics (Book 2)

Round two of Hunter Training is gearing up…

Melanie Harper never thought she’d get very far with Hunter Training. Her magical gift was minor at best, and she’d been coerced into attending, so if she was cut, no big deal. At least, that’s the way she’d felt until she met Logan Vance. The big, strapping, grizzly shifter is just what she wants, and she’ll do whatever it takes to claim him.

Logan Vance has no desire for a mate. His bear isn’t cute and cuddly. Like all Vance bears, he’s a dominant, belligerent monster. He’d never expose someone he loves to that kind of danger. Pair that with an unsavory incident with an aggressive woman in his past, and that put Melanie Harper firmly off-limits. Now, if he could just convince his bear of that…

As stage two of Hunter Training begins, a rogue vampire is wreaking havoc on the streets of New Orleans and Melanie fits this predator’s taste to a T. Will the Hunters be able to find this deadly menace before he finds her?

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