Exes, Hexes, and Strategy (Book 1)

Welcome to Hunter Training

A golden opportunity…

When his father decides to send an operative into the ranks of trainees at the new Hunter training facility to recruit vampires for his private army, Rafe DeMarco jumps on the chance. It was the perfect opportunity to get away from the heartbreaking memories of the woman he loved – the woman who had abandoned him without a word, only to discover that she was one of the new trainees. Would he finally find out why she had left? And more importantly, could he somehow win her back?

A twist of fate…

Hunter training has always been limited to vampires, so when Nina Errani learns that it is now open to other supernaturals, she immediately signs up. To be one of the first witches to graduate from the program would be an honor, but the school also provides a welcome escape from Rafe DeMarco, the man she’d been forced to leave behind. So why was he here, screwing up a perfectly good plan? And how could she possibly avoid him, so he never learns the truth?

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