Christmas in Malsum Pass (Book 8)

There is magic in Malsum Pass…

For Allison Harris, the only thing to look forward to around Christmas is the extra money she could earn in tips working the ritzy holiday parties on the mountain. After all, when you’re alone, Christmas is just another day on the calendar. But when her car leaves her stranded on the side of the road with a blizzard breathing down her neck, she has no choice but to take shelter in the small town of Malsum Pass.

Zachary Pierce is larger than life, with a playful nature that has Allison quickly forgetting her worries as her attraction to the man grows. It’s been too long since she’s taken a moment and just had fun, but thanks to Zack, Allison feels the spirit of the holiday take hold.

Just the scent of Allison told Zack that she was his destined mate, but this blizzard that brought them together won’t last forever. He needs to work fast if he wants to keep her, and what better way, than to show her the true magic of Christmas?

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