Malsum Pass (Book 1)

The quaint town of Malsum Pass has secrets, but perhaps it also holds the key to her heart…

Eager to connect with family she never knew she had, Tara Mason journeys to the small town of Malsum Pass. The town seems idyllic despite the townspeople’s odd habit of staring and… sniffing? And while Tara’s new neighbor, Riley Cooper looks like he could have been conjured from one of her fantasies, there is definitely more going on here than meets the eye. Tara is determined to uncover the secrets of Malsum Pass, but along the way, she also discovers things she never knew about herself.

Riley Cooper is a wolf shifter, just like everyone else in Malsum Pass, including his attractive new neighbor. The weird thing is, she doesn’t seem to know it. How that was possible, he had no idea, but he was certainly looking forward to unraveling all of this she-wolf’s mysteries.

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