Meant To Be (Book 4)

A Malsum Pass Novel

Sometimes love happens when you least expect it…

Conner Pierce doesn’t ever expect to feel that rare mystical mating bond that, according to some shifters, blindsides you without warning. He knows exactly what he wants in a potential mate – a strong female wolf, able to stand at his side in defense of family and pack – and he’ll choose her with logic as his guide. So when he meets Elizabeth Larkin, a human, and his wolf goes wild, he’s appalled. A human for a mate? How could this happen?

Elizabeth Larkin came to this mountain retreat to reconnect with her son who has become increasingly distant. A busy, career mom, she has no time for dating or relationships. Especially not with a bearded bad boy like Conner Pierce with his too-attractive, and highly distracting smile.

Can this seemingly miss-matched duo overcome their differences to discover that their love is Meant To Be?

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