A Malsum Pass Novel

Book Cover: Whole-Hearted
Part of the Malsum Pass series:

An engagement party in New York City? Constance Tully can’t wait! Not only will she be celebrating the happiness of one of her best friends, but it will also get her out of Malsum Pass just in time to avoid witnessing Jacob Pierce choose a mate from one of the hand-picked females his mother has invited from her former pack.

It should have been a night of merriment, champagne, and dancing. What Connie hadn’t counted on was being surrounded by fur traders: the boogeymen of the shifter world who abduct females for the sole purpose of breeding and then selling the young to the highest bidder.

Jacob Pierce has been in love with Connie since childhood, so when he learns that she has been abducted by the enemy, he doesn’t hesitate to join the team of hunters in New York. Will they find her before she is lost to them forever? Will he ever get the chance to tell her that she is the only female for him?

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