The Rearrangement (Book 0.5)

A visit from a friend sparks a journey down memory lane, and the meeting that changed two lives forever…

With an acceptance to Harvard University, Sherry Denis could practically reach out and touch that high-powered career she’d always wanted for her future. Just one problem – it seems her father had long ago promised her hand in marriage to the alpha’s son of an allied pack.

Seriously? An arranged marriage? In this day and age? Did her father really expect her to marry a stranger and stand by while her dreams turned to dust? Not if she could help it.

Tarvahl Pierce is strong, ruggedly handsome, and just like her, wants nothing to do with this arrangement. If they worked together, maybe they’d come out of this with both their dreams intact.

A friendship forged from necessity becomes an enduring love that surpasses all they ever hoped for…

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