Soul Deep (Book 7)

Is Malsum Pass harboring a killer?

Having survived an abusive marriage and escaped the vengeance of her pride for the death of her mate, feline shifter, Lillian Oremun has rebuilt her life with a new identity in the shifter town of Malsum Pass. She owes the wolf pack her very existence, so when Lily becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation and subjects the town to police scrutiny, she will do anything to clear her name – even team up with an annoying bear shifter who stirs up desires she’d never thought she’d feel.

Bear shifter, Christian Black chose to remain in Malsum Pass to reclaim his life. Living close to Lily, a beautiful if prickly feline, was just a bonus. Determined to win her for himself, he quickly discovers his usual lines won’t work with this female. He needs to up his game… Maybe even take on a killer.

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