For Her (Book 3)

She was his mission. He never meant to fall in love…

Daisy Munroe had always been a failure as a shifter. Her entire life she’d been told she was weak, that she didn’t have good instincts, and was useful only as a breeder. That was her place in the pride and she’d never dared dream of anything more.

Now, she and her sister were on the run, hiding in wolf territory in Malsum Pass where women had a voice and weren’t afraid to use it. Here she could dream. Here she was free… but it was all an illusion. Because, someday, they would come. After all, Daisy and her sister were wanted for murder.

Aleksandr Stepanov had been hired to find the two runaway females and return them to their pride. So why was he hesitating when he had them in his sight? Maybe the cold mountain air had affected his brain, but he was intrigued by the female whose story didn’t match up to the one he’d been told, and he was definitely more attracted to Daisy Munroe than was appropriate. This newfound need to protect her was even surpassing his need to seek vengeance on the monsters that had created him.

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